GUE Tech 1 – Get Started with Tech Diving

The purpose of the GUE Tech 1 course is to introduce a diver to the skills required for “technical” diving. You will finish the class with a skill set that will allow you dive using trimix to a maximum depth of 50m, and do a maximum of 30 minutes of decompression.  This is a great step on from recreational diving, but the exposure is not so great as to cause significant risk to the diver.

The GUE Tech 1 course is designed to take you through a  progression, gradually increasing the skill levels, beginning with simple manifold failures, and developing on to safe decompression gas handling, more complex failures, ascent protocols and decompression management. The course culminates in three experience dives in the 40-50m range to begin you on the path to safe and competent technical diving.

We run the GUE Tech 1 course over at least 6 days, depending on the location and logistics. This is an intense class, a mixture of at least 9 hours of in-water time, the associated debriefs, 10 hours of academic work and a few hours of dry run work.

You will find the GUE Tech 1 a tough class, but it is a highly rewarding experience, and will increase your comfort and ability in the water more than you can possibly imagine.

Lina Holds