Scuba Coaching days

Wreck and Cave are now offering scuba coaching days to divers of any certification level.  Whether you’re a GUE diver looking to convert a provisional pass, brush up on the skills before taking a tech or cave class, or maybe you’re certified with another organisation and simply want a tune up in your skills.
Basically, you will have a chat with Rich Walker, and work out what you want to get out of the day. This can be anything from the GUE Recreational or Tech programmes, so could include:

  • Buoyancy and trim
  • Back kicks
  • S and V drills
  • DSMB work
  • Decompression stage handling
  • Ascents
  • Rescue skills
  • Anything else you want to work on

These can be run at a location of your choice, You’ll spend as much time in the water as you like or need. Video will be used where appropriate. The day will close with a full debrief on how you’ve progressed, and how to move forward.

If you’re interested, then feel free to get in touch, and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements.