Krnica Dive

The village of Krnica is in Croatia, at the Northern end of the Adriatic Sea. The nearby city of Pula was an important city in both world wars. It is the key to holding the Adriatic Sea and as such, the seas around Pula were heavily mined. This resulted in a significant loss of shipping during and after both wars.

Krnica is a beautiful little village, with a pizza bar, a small supermarket, and plenty of self catering accommodation. Krnica Dive centre is a two minute drive down the hill to the harbour, where there is another restaurant and access to the beach and the dive boats.

The Krnica Dive Centre is well equipped, with 50 twinsets, hundreds of stages and a gas filling capability second to none. The boats are small, but perfectly sized for Tech 1 and Tech 2 courses. It’s normal that each class will get it’s own boat, so you’ll always have plenty of space and not tied into anyone else’s agenda.

One massive advantage of Krnica is the weather. There is always a protected place we can dive, from shallow skills, right through to deep experience dives/ The local geography and weather conditions mean that it is an excellent venue for technical classes in the autumn through to the spring.