Using scooters, or diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) used to be strictly in the realm of long rage cave divers and deep technical divers. They still have a role to play in these environments, but more recently, DPVs have become lighter and more user friendly, enabling recreational divers to benefit from increased speed, manoeuvrability and lower gas consumption. THE GUE DPV 1 course brings another dimension to our diving as we can do dives that we would not normally be able to do. DPVs enable us to:

– Visit sites a little further offshore on shore dives with greater ease
– Just enjoy the fun of barrel rolls, loop the loops and other acrobatics
– Travel further, perhaps visiting multiple sites on one dive

However, these types of dives using a DPV do require a little more skill and understanding then simply just picking up a scooter and whizzing around. The GUE DPV 1 class gives you the basic knowledge you need to get started with a DPV.

Setting up and maintaining a DPV, Buoyancy and trim, slow and fast turns, emergency stops, Valve drills and S drills with the DPV, DSMB use, emergency/contingency measures and gas planning and management are all covered. This class is a lot of fun, and takes 2.5-3 days, so I can run it over a weekend, starting on a Friday night. Get in touch for more details!