Wreck and Cave will help you Discover Scuba Diving.

Wreck and Cave is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive, challenging and FUN diver training that you can get.

Imagine yourself watching fishes on a coral reef, or a floating above the decks of an ancient ship wreck. GUE Rec 1, GUE Fundamentals, GUE DPV, GUE Tech 1, GUE Tech 2 and GUE CCR1 are the courses we use to make your dreams come true!

GUE Fundamentals will make you a better diver

Not just GUE Fundamentals either. All of our classes will improve your diving, and make your diving more comfortable, adventurous and fun.

With Wreck and Cave, you can discover the underwater world, whether it is your first time, or you already an experienced diver. We use the most advanced training techniques and courses from Global Underwater Explorers.