Dive gear servicing

For a very long time, diving equipment servicing has been something that divers have avoided as much as possible. Your equipment is away for ages, meaning that your diving is limited.

Then the regulator free flows as soon as you put it in the water, or the drysuit still leaks in exactly the place it did before.

When your equipment needs servicing, it’s often because you’re about to go away on a trip, or something broke and you’re due to be in the water next weekend. Sometimes, you’ve been very organised and planned the servicing. But in essence, you don’t want your planned diving to get scuppered because the servicing wasn’t back in time, or the job wasn’t done as you’d like it. 

Serviced by divers

Here at Wreck and Cave, we are divers first and foremost. And we’re pretty experienced at it too. We understand the environment you’ll be diving in, and if the equipment needs to be set up a certain way. So when you send in your regulator, for example, it will come back with all of the hoses in the same ports as when you sent them. If you’d like a regulator set with a specific intermediate pressure or a cracking pressure set on the stiffer side of the range, then let us know. Suit inflator regulators for example, should be set up to be very gentle and low-flow. You might want a backup regulator to be set a little tighter to stop it free-flowing when you’re on your DPV. Or your rebreather bailout regulator to be set super smoothe so you can get your brain back working again before you decide what to do! Just let us know and we’ll adjust the service to suit your requirements. Within manufacturers guidance of course!

What brands do we work with?

We are trained to service Halcyon regulators and lights, and also Santi drysuits,

These are expensive pieces of equipment, and quite often your life depends on them working properly. So we treat each piece of your dive gear like it was our own. We check everything before it goes back to you. If we can’t fix it in a suitable timeframe, we endeavour to get a temporary replacement to you until such times as we can get it back to you working like the day you bought it.

It’s called service

Sounds revolutionary, right? All of your low pressure inflators will have been cleaned and lubricated so that they pop on and off easily. Your pressure gauge connections will have been serviced so they don’t fizz and bubble anymore. Your dry-suit will get a pressure test before it gets shipped back to you, so our work is verified, and other problems identified before you find out about them the hard way. If you’re in a rush to get a repair or service done, talk to us and we’ll let you know if we can turn it around in time. 

Remember that we are all divers, and we know how important it is to be confident that the servicing and repairs are done in a reliable and timely manner.