Regulator Servicing

Salt-crusted stage regulators, fizzy SPG’s, and split hoses. These are all common problems with regulators, and often they continue to work just fine. But just like anything, regular servicing can prevent the stage regulator from becoming really hard to breathe, the fizzy SPG turning into a much bigger leak, and a split hose turning into something far worse.

I’m not trying to be a doom merchant here, because modern regulators are remarkably resilient and will continue to deliver gas under some horrendous conditions. But we can make them look nicer and breathe a whole lot better. And that’s good for photos, general enjoyment of the dive, and stops your mates from thinking you are some sort of diving vagrant.

When your regulators arrive with us, we’ll give them a quick visual inspection and note any obvious damage. We then record all of the hose routing, port configuration and hose lengths. This means we can put it back together exactly the way you dive it. If you dive twinsets and stages then you will know how important that it all goes back the way you like it.

Then everything gets taken apart and inspected, followed by a thorough degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning. Hose o-rings are replaced, SPG swivels are changed for new ones, and the inflator springs and bearings are cleaned and lubricated. Then a new service kit is installed and the regulator is reassembled. We set the intermediate pressures and cracking pressures to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. But there is tolerance in these figures. So for example, if you dive on a DPV a lot, you might want the backup regulator set to the tighter end of the tolerance to reduce it free-flowing. You can specify this all at the time of booking your service with us.

We also understand how important your diving is to you, and that you don’t want to risk missing next weekend’s dive. This can lead us to skip a service rather than miss a dive. So we aim to have your regulators back to you within 5 working days. We can often go quicker than that. If that isn’t fast enough, let us know and we’ll send you a set of our rental regulators for you to use. Just pay for the shipping back to us and it’s all included in the price.

Talking of prices, here are the costs

Twinset regulators (2 x 1st stage, 2 x 2nd stage, 1 x SPG) – £220

Stage regulator (1 x 1st stage, 1 x 2nd stage, 1 x SPG) – £120

Recreational set (1 x 1st stage, 2 x 2nd stage, 1 x SPG) – £150

1st stage only – £70

To book your service in the form below and we’ll get back to you with shipping instructions and answer any questions you might have.