GUE Documentation Diver

The GUE Documentation Diver course is not just a photo workshop – it is much more than that. If you’ve ever wished you could explain to divers and non-divers alike what you see on your dives, or maybe you want to write an article about your favourite dive site for a magazine, then you will love the GUE Documentation Diver course.

We look at all the aspects of building a record of what is on a dive site. Project planning, and how we go about setting goals, using resources and managing the day-to-day operation of the project. I will show you the basics of underwater survey – how to sketch a site, and then measure it, and produce maps and diagrams for your audience. I also bring a host of underwater camera equipment along, from simple Go-Pro type cameras, compacts and a full DSLR system as well, and show you how you can take images using basic principles of photography, that will show your dive site in the best light possible. We do the same with video cameras, and look at common pitfalls of making movies. Lighting also gets treated in a similar way, and I will show you ways to reduce backscatter, how to use lighting to make your stills and movies jump off the screen at your audience.

Then I will work though all of the aspects of presenting your work, whether it is for a web based audience, a talk, or printed media.  

Of course, we do all of this in the water as much as possible, and I like to do at least 6-8 dives per course, giving you the opportunity to practice your skills, learn from mistakes and get you thinking about what projects you might want to do.

All my GUE Documentation Diver courses have a central project running through them, so I will be asking you to produce a final “product” at the end of the 4 days. The format is up to you – it could be a poster, a video or a written piece. It’s up to you, but the planning, execution and production all need to be done.

I also like to, where possible, run the courses on sites where there is already an existing project running. You can get to meet existing members of the project, look at the list of tasks that need doing, or come up with your own, and basically get involved with a growing community for divers dedicated to bringing back a record of what they see underwater.

Join in the fun today – all you need is to be a GUE Rec 1 diver, or a GUE Fundamentals diver, and the world of project diving awaits you!