Already a diver?

If you are already a diver, then Wreck and Cave specialise in making you get the most out of your diving. We do that using a combination of 1:1 coaching and formal training courses from Global Underwater Explorers.

GUE Fundamentals stands on it’s own as the flagship class of GUE. This course was originally developed to help divers to prepare for technical and cave diver training, and includes propulsion techniques, including the backwards kick, gas sharing, valve drills, surface marker buoy deployment and basic rescue skills. It also incorporates a nitrox certification. It’s now taken by all levels of diver wanting to increase their skill and comfort level. It can be taken in either a single tank or a double tank configuration. Read more about it by clicking here.

GUE DPV class shows you how to ride a high performance diver scooter, or DPV. These things are so much fun – effortlessly whizzing over a wreck or a reef, covering more ground than you could very hope to do while swimming. We’ll also show you how to share gas, send up the marker buoy, navigate and manage your gas in a safe way so that you don’t get yourself into any trouble. Read more about it by clicking here.