GUE Doubles Primer – Proper twinset set-up

The GUE Doubles Primer – Set up and dive a twinset properly

The GUE Doubles primer, or the Twinset primer, is a simple and quick workshop designed to get you up and running in your new twinset. Trim, buoyancy, weighting, hose routing… All of this is a nightmare to set up properly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Asking on the internet will give you a thousand different opinions, and will leave you none-the-wiser. Once you do manage to get it in the water, if it isn’t set up “just right”, you will find it hard to trim, impossible to reach the valves, and you’ll be tearing your hair out trying to get diving as comfortably as you were before.

Fortunately, the GUE Twinset primer helps you solve all of these problems, and gets you diving comfortably again in a very short period. In this one day workshop, we’ll cover the basic configuration of the manifold, cylinder bands setting up the harness, an routing the regulators properly. We’ll get you into the water, get your weighting right, set you up to trim out horizontally, and show you how to reach your valves.

The GUE Doubles primer starts by explaining how a manifold works, then looks at how the regulators and hoses need to be configured, and finally gets the backplate and harness fitted to you perfectly. The dives then go through how to get yourself trimmed out and makes sure you have the right weighting. Further dives go on to work on reaching and operating the valves, and making sure you understand what valve does what to the function of your gear.

The GUE Doubles primer will run like this:

0900 Meet and complete paperwork
0915 Overview of GUE, and of the day ahead
0945 Twinset configuration and set-up
1100 Dive 1 – Buoyancy, trim and balance, weight check
1200 Video debrief
1300 Lunch
1330 Valve workshop
1430 Dive 2 – Buoyancy and trim, operating the valves and the valve drill
1530 Video debrief
1600 Final debriefs and written feedback
1700 Finish

 The GUE Doubles Primer really does get you started diving your twinset properly. You’ll feel more comfortable, back in control of your diving, and happy to start progressing your diving. Use the form below to find out when the next one is running, or to find out more details.