Diving Equipment

Here at Wreck and Cave we use a lot of diving equipment. Diving is pretty equipment intensive, and diving equipment that performs well, robust, and simple to fix if it goes wrong makes diving so much more enjoyable.

It’s easy to be suckered by a sales pitch, and end up with a garage full of dive gear that looked great in the shop, but didn’t really live up to the promise. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get advice on equipment from someone that dives all the time, and really knows what works and what doesn’t. What about if you could try it out before you bought, to see if it really did the job or not?

This kind of personal service is exactly what we offer here at Wreck and Cave. You’ve probably already seen the Equipment Show and Tell sessions we offer, and this is kind of an extension on that idea.

We’ve teamed up with diving equipment suppliers like Halcyon, Santi drysuits and Suex Scooters to bring you the opportunity to learn about, and try out, some of the best diving equipment on the market today. This is not the cheapest equipment out there, and if you’re looking for cheap bargains, then you’re probably in the wrong place. There are plenty of places doing that kind of deal.

What you get from Wreck and Cave is first class advice, drawn from over 20 years of technical diving experience in environments from the Arctic through to tropical reefs, big cave systems through to small side-mount sumps. Whatever diving you want to do, we will advise on what is the right tool for the job, and make sure you’re happy with the diving equipment before you commit to the purchase.