The Evolve wing is Halcyons latest design innovation and is currently setting the standard for wing performance. This wing has been design to solve two small problems that some users were encountering, namely, very slightly head-down trim position when using European Faber cylinders which are heavy at the valve end, and to make the use of the rear dump valve easier when the wing was close to empty.

The profile of the wing has been changed to include a little more buoyancy at the head-end of the wing, and reducing it a little towards the bottom of the cylinders. This subtle adjustment has been well received by many users, claiming that their previously good trim is now “just right”.

The second change was to change from the horse-shoe shape bladder of the Explorer to a do-nut shape, similar in concept to the Eclipse single cylinder wing. This continuous loop makes transfer of gas from one side of the wing to the other a relatively simple task. The overall result is that the need for the “curious wiggle” often used to move the last remaining bits of gas from the right side to the left for dumping is no longer needed. A tiny heads-down tilt and back is all that is needed to balance the gas in the wing.

Many people ask how the wing behaves with multiple stages, their concerns being that it might be impossible to store more gas on the right to compensate for the weight of full stage cylinders. Experience so far is that it doesn’t cause any problems whatsoever. The explanation is that the gas in the wing floats high around the cylinders, and pulls the “transfer channel” section at the rear of the wing tight, reducing unwanted gas transfer. The theory seems to work, and there have been no reports of stage cylinders being any more difficult to manage than with the Explorer.

The Evolve comes in 40lb and 55lb versions, with the 40lb being best for double 12l steel cylinders, and up to two stage or decompression cylinders. If you’re using larger diameter cylinders such as 15’s or 18’s, then the 55 becomes a more useable wing and copes with the extra weight well.

It’s always worth checking that any wing that you choose will support you on the surface with all of your equipment. Wreck and Cave offer our try out service for all customers, so you can be assured that your equipment choice is the right one. Just get in contact, and we’ll arrange a day at an inland site and you can try out the various configurations of wings, backplates etc.