GUE Primer

The GUE Primer – An introduction to it all

If you’re having trouble setting up your equipment, or simply want to try out a back plate and wing configuration, then the GUE Primer is for you. If you would like a day polishing off some buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques with a world class instructor, then you will love the GUE Primer. If you want an opportunity to see what GUE is really all about then the GUE Primer will give you all the answers you need, from someone that really knows. And it’s all at the right price too.

The one day format of the GUE primer means that it is not a “full” certification course, but it does open your eyes to what is possible. It will improve your buoyancy and trim, and it will give you an introduction to the backplate and wing equipment configuration.

The format of the day will look like this:

0900 Meet and complete paperwork
0915 Overview of GUE, and of the day ahead
0945 Equipment overview and set-up
1100 Dive 1 – Buoyancy, trim and propulsion, weight check
1200 Video debrief
1300 Lunch
1330 Propulsion workshop
1430 Dive 2 – Buoyancy and trim, precision manoeuvring techniques
1530 Video debrief
1600 Final debriefs and written feedback
1700 Finish

Drop us a line below, and we’ll get back to you with the availability for the next GUE Primer.