GUE Fundamentals at Wreck and Cave

GUE Fundamentals is the best diving class you will ever take

GUE Fundamentals looks at all of your diving skills and improves them to a much higher level. Whether you want to brush up your skills, or progress on to technical and cave diving, this is the course for you.

  • Discover how to maintain perfect buoyancy and trim, even when doing complex tasks like air sharing or sending up a surface marker.
  • Understand how to swim forwards and backwards without damaging the environment.
  • Let us show you neat tricks to help you plan your gas management, decompression and Nitrox dives.

What’s included in GUE Fundamentals? 

The GUE Fundamentals class lasts 4 days. Over these 4 days, we’re going to cover some theory about gas management and how to keep a safe amount of gas in reserve. We’re going to look at the effects of the gas that we breathe when we’re underwater. We’ll talk about the benefits of Nitrox as well, and the course actually includes a Nitrox certification. The final topic is decompression, and here we’re going to look at the different ideas about decompression and give you some really neat tools to plan your dives and track your no stop times in a really easy way.

Its a diving course, so we’re obviously going to spend a lot of time diving too. We have at least 6 dives to get through, starting with basic buoyancy and propulsion. We’re going to show you how to swim backwards too –  you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! We’ll do gas sharing with the long hose, valve drills, surface marker buoy deployment, and then some rescue skills too.

We’ll have a thorough introduction to the backplate and wing, regulator set-ups, lights and all of the other standard GUE equipment configuration. All of the other skills will be practiced in the dry so you’ll be well prepared before you hit the water.

All of the dives are also recorded on video, which is a fantastic tool for helping you improve on some of the finer points too.

More about GUE Fundamentals

This review was written by one of Wreck and Cave’s students.  It sums up the course in a great light hearted way.

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