Light Servicing

Lights are expensive things, but they’re one of the things you really don’t want to fail. Especially if you’re a cave diver. But even in open water, a failed or intermittent light is really annoying. There’s one really common fault that all cable lights suffer from, and that is a broken cable. This will happen however well you treat your light. It’s just because that cable moves around from hand to hand, gets tucked away when not in use, and then coiled up when you’ve done diving. Eventually, it fractures and the light starts to get flickery, and eventually stops altogether. We have cable as a stock item, and all of the sealing glands for most brands of light, so can do this in a pretty short timeframe.

There are other problems that relate to the LED driver’s boards and the LED chips themselves, and while we have stock of some parts for Halcyon Focus lights, the others can take a little time to get hold of.

To book a service for your light, just fill in the form below. We’ll let you know how quickly we can turn it around, and what the cost will be.