Scuba Reality Check from Wreck and Cave

How good are you?

If you’ve ever wondered if your skills were up to scratch, or you wanted a quick “once-over” with your basic skills after a lay-off from diving, then the Wreck and Cave Scuba Reality Check is exactly what you need.

Introducing the Scuba Reality Check

The Scuba Reality Check has been carefully designed to make sure you get an evaluation of your diving skills. We look at buoyancy and trim, propulsion techniques, gas sharing and surface marker buoy use. It’s not really a teaching event, as the skills are demonstrated, then you show us your version. Everything is video recorded though, and you can see how well you did in the surface interval.

Moving forward…

At the end of the Scuba Reality Check, you’ll get a written evaluation of where you are right now, and some pointers on how to improve. Divers like you really enjoy this opportunity to simply look at basic skills. It really works! If you want a little more information, just fill in the form below, and we’ll get right back to you.


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