Who is Marcus Rose

Marcus Rose

Marcus Rose is a GUE Fundamentals instructor working exclusively for Wreck and Cave. He started diving in 1997 and has enjoyed diving some amazing sites all over the world, including the UK, Mediterranean, Red Sea, French Polynesia, and Mexico. An enthusiastic technical and cave diver he has a real passion for project diving, participating in the Project TIGER LST wreck survey work. He is also a Project Baseline Site Manager for the Portland Harbour Wrecks project.

Marcus Rose is available to deliver GUE Rec 3, DPV and of course GUE Fundamentals, provisional and recreational upgrades. He will also run coaching days anywhere in the UK.

Marcus Rose’s Diving Industry Activities

Author for GUE Quest magazine

Portland Harbour Wreck Project: The Small Project with Big Ambitions – Quest Vol 16, No 4.

Member of the editorial team for the GUE-UK Wetnotes

A quarterly publication of the activities of GUE in the UK.

Project Baseline Site Manager for the Portland Harbour Wrecks

A wreck diving project for all levels of diver. The team document the wrecks, monitor environmental conditions, and even discover previously unknown information about them.

Team Diver – Project Tiger

Involved in the survey, mapping and documentation of two WW2 LST’s that wee tragically sunk during Operation Tiger in 1944.



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