GUE Fundamentals with Leigh Bishop

Last November, I taught a GUE Fundamentals course at Capernwray. Nothing unusual in that, of course. I’ve been teaching GUE classes since 2004, so it would hardly seem worth a report. There was, however, a bit of a twist on this one. One of my students was none other than […]

GUE Tech 2 in Sardinia

I have a GUE Tech 2 class coming up in one of the most beautiful wreck diving destinations in Europe – Sardinia. The dates of this unique class are 12th-17th October, 2015. This class is going to be pretty special – it’s the Instructor Evaluation for my good friend Stefano di Cosimo, […]

GUE Tech 1 in Greece

I have a GUE Tech 1 class on the beautiful liveaboard vessel “Ena”. Dates are 4th-9th October, 2015. You can fly into Athens, and Nikos will arrange all of your transfers and pickups. There is equipment available on the class, so you don’t have to bring too many heavy bags. Ena […]

aegean wreck

More Scuba Reality Checks!

The popularity of these Scuba Reality Checks is overwhelming. Divers just like you are coming for a day of diving, doming a few skills, having some skills demonstrated and getting video feedback after the dives on how well they;re doing. It finishes up with a written appraisal of where you […]

Next Scuba Reality Check – 14th March

Hi all, the next Scuba Reality Check will be on 14th March at Vobster. Capably run by Marcus Rose and Dave Pickford, you will get a demo of buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques, followed by an opportunity to try them yourself, and on the second dive, gas sharing and marker […]