GUE Fundamentals with Leigh Bishop

Last November, I taught a GUE Fundamentals course at Capernwray. Nothing unusual in that, of course. I’ve been teaching GUE classes since 2004, so it would hardly seem worth a report.

There was, however, a bit of a twist on this one. One of my students was none other than Leigh Bishop. Now I’ve known Leigh for a few years personally due to EuroTek and the like. I’ve followed his exploration efforts, however, for much longer than that. The iconic photographs of Justicia off Malin head, and the phenomenal amount of wrecks discovered and dived through the 90’s and 2000’s.

Working with Leigh must go down as one of the most nerve wracking classes I’ve ever taught – what on earth would I be able to teach someone with that much experience? I’m pleased to say that we both learned a lot from each other, it was great fun, and yes, Leigh passed the course

If you want to read his account of it, then he’s written an article in the June issue of Diver magazine. You can get copies from WHSimths, or online vie the iTunes app, or here:


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