Norway, 2013

23rd-28th June 2013

I am returning to Norway in 2013! This has long been on my list of things to set up, and now I’ve found the boat that can do it, and we are building a fantastic itinerary. The plan is to start in Bergen, and take the boat North to Sognefjord and beyond. We will be diving wrecks like the Helga Ferdinand, the Ferndale and the Parat, the Wilheim, and the Frankenwald. These are all world class dives, and will leave you stunned with the quality of the wrecks, the visibility and the overall fabulousness of the place.

I’m currently working on the exact itinerary and cost. Watch this space, and get in touch if you’re interested. While you’re mulling it over, have a look at the video my friends at North Sea Explorers produced…

S/S “Helga Ferdinand” from Northsea Explorers on Vimeo.