Scapa Flow Documentation Project

Here is an idea for you. I will be running a project in Scapa Flow. The dates are 19th-24th October, 2014. We are going to document one of the lesser dived wrecks in Scapa, make a map, take some photos, and shoot a video too. Some of you might know that I used to work at the University of Sheffield as a researcher, so I’ve always been interested in the idea of getting divers like you and me to contribute to a real scientific project.  I was talking with Bob Anderson who is the skipper of MV Halton, and he has this great idea of getting some GUE divers together, and surveying his little known German cruiser. But to really get the pot stirring, he wants to invite some of his friends from Heriot Watt Scientific Divers group onto the boat as well.  The idea is that we do some documentation diving in the morning, as part of our group, and then in the afternoon mix up the divers so that we can learn ideas and techniques from each other.

We’re going to be surveying the remains of the Kaiser – this was salvaged by Cox and Danks in 1929, but there is a considerable amount of wreckage left for us to explore and record. This rarely dived wreck was once a mighty battleship and who knows what we’re going to find! 

What I need you to do is to send me an email by clicking here (all the details are done for you) simply saying you’re interested. I’ll send you all of the information, and a solid breakdown of what we’re planning.