GUE Fundamentals 24-27th July

I’m running a GUE Fundamentals course 24-27th July. This is only a few weeks away. I do still have a space on this course, and it would be a shame if someone  thinking about a Fundamentals were to miss out. The course will run at DiveLife, Manchester for the academic work on the 24th, and then move to Capernwray for the diving phase.

What is GUE Fundamentals about?

GUE Fundamentals covers everything from equipment configuration to REAL neutral buoyancy, swimming backwards, gas sharing, nitrox and valve drills. And a whole lot more. You can read more about the GUE Fundamentals course here: GUE Fundamentals.


I know that this is relatively short notice. I can be very flexible with lending equipment, helping with accommodation arrangements or anything else that might make it easier for you. If you have already taken a class with me, and you know someone that might want to take the class, remember that you can get £100 off your next class using the referral programme. Alternatively, you can buy them a gift voucher to help with the cost of the course. Don’t miss this opportunity! Send me an email today for all the details.