Croatia Wreck Diving

10 Dives in 5 Days!

That’s the plan. 10 technical dives on the less frequently visited wrecks from Krnica in Croatia. Wrecks like the Luana, Pascoli, Romagna and Numidia. Of course, the old favourites will be there as well.

The Croatian city of Pula in Istria was heavily defended by minefields during both world wars. These fields took a huge toll on shipping in the region both during and after the wars. It makes it a real wreck diving heaven for us though. Wrecks are normally upright, well preserved with many of the original artefacts still in place.

I’m offering this trip as a special offer to students who have taken a Tech 1 class with me. It’s going to be a great way to dive together without the pressures of the class. That means we can get on with taking photos, enjoying the wrecks a little more, and obviously gain some experience too.

Maurizio has put a page up about the week too and you can see it here.

The dates of the week are 15th-21st July, 2018. It costs EUR 1050, and that includes all boat trips, open circuit Tech 1 gas and equipment rental. Accommodation will be extra, but this is pretty cheap in Krnica, usually in the EUR 30 per night range.