Upcoming classes

Hi all, I have a few openings coming up for odd places on classes. If you’re looking for Fundamentals or Tech 1 training this year, and you don’t have a team ready to go, then look no further… Tech 1 – Malta. July 14th-19th. 1 space. GUE Fundamentals – Bangor, […]

Tech 1 space available

Hi all, I have a space on a Tech 1 class in Croatia, starting on the 19th Nov, and running until the 24th. This is a fantastic place to learn your tech diving. The wrecks are superb, intact and lie in warm clear water. All of the logistics are taken […]

Trips and Expeditions updated

After a few years off from running trips to amazing and exciting places, I’ve scheduled a few for next year, and more to come as well. So far on the list is Norway – diving some of the most amazing wrecks in clear deep Norwegian fjords, surrounded by some of […]

New Facebook Page!

I’ve just set up a new Facebook page, as this is the trend nowadays. You can see what I have planned and what I’ve been doing around the world. It’s interactive, you can post your own stuff, and maybe even win something of value in excess of the postage.

Boltsnaps Upgraded

I go through boltsnaps so quickly. I lend them to people and they never come back. People don’t deliberately steal them, but when all your gear is the same within a group, then some “migration” is inevitable! People put insulating tape on them, scratch their names into them, or cut […]