Things to look for in a drysuit

DUI suit features The information on this page is not specific to the DUI TLS350, but it is in our opinion the most versatile drysuit in the world today. It is well fitting, allows a full range of movement, and is extremely hard wearing. We’re going to talk through the […]

Streamlined Equipment

Nobody ever saw a fish swim on an angle in the water, or an aeroplane fly at a 45 degree angle. The reason is obvious – flying or swimming like this makes us use more energy to move from one place to another. As diver, we want to enjoy our […]

Balanced Equipment – What Does it Mean? 1

Proper Weighting When Scuba Diving I frequently get asked how much weight a diver will need for diving a particular equipment configuration. It seems like an easy question, but not many people are aware of how to select equipment, and then how to choose the proper weighting for that configuration. […]

two properly weighted divers float between the legs of a pier

How to tie the perfect bolt snap

I often find myself showing people how to tie bolt snaps to backup lights and hoses, so I thought I’d try and write a description of how to tie the perfect bolt snap. There are a number of ways of doing it, but this is the one I use – […]