Scuba Reality Checks Now Available

I’ve long been thinking of a way of giving divers a way of getting a bit of feedback on their skill level, and up until now, hadn’t worked out a way of doing it. I was just too busy, and hadn’t put the work into building a format that would work for the majority of divers. You’ll be pleased to hear that I think I’ve cracked it! Allow me to introduce the Wreck and Cave Scuba Reality Check!

I’ve designed a day of diving where you can come along and do two dives. The first dive looks at really basic things like buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques. You’ll get a demonstration of what can be done, and then get a chance to have a go yourself and get it recorded on video for an informal analysis later on. 

The second dive follows the same format of demo then have a go, but will look at air sharing surface marker buoy deployment and then a controlled ascent. Again, videoed in glorious technicolor for you to review afterwards. After the dives, you’ll get a written form with some helpful pointers on how you can improve.

These brilliant events are going to be managed by my two new members of the Wreck and Cave team – Dave Pickford and Marcus Rose. These guys are both GUE Tech 1 trained by my own hand, very knowledgable and skilled in the water, and super keen to help people move forward in their diving. 

Contact me today to get yourself a slot!