Boltsnaps Upgraded

I go through boltsnaps so quickly. I lend them to people and they never come back. People don’t deliberately steal them, but when all your gear is the same within a group, then some “migration” is inevitable!

People put insulating tape on them, scratch their names into them, or cut notches out of them, which all work of course, but I had an idea to do something a bit more distinctive. I came up with laser etching. This permanently marks the boltsnap surface with your name. It won’t rub off, fade or otherwise disappear. And it looks superb! Boltsnap
Imagine all your double enders being marked up like this. You’ll never loose another one, unless you drop it! I’ll have to get these made to order, so the turnaround will be a week or so.

These will retail at £12 each (minimum order 5), with the writing on one side only. I can get double sided done, but the cost does increase. If you want some, and you know you do, drop me a line with your choice of lettering and I’ll have them on their way back to you as quick as I can.