GUE Tech 2 classes now available

So, you’ve been diving in the Tech 1 range (30-50m) now for a while and you’re pretty comfortable there. The trouble is there are wrecks and dive sites just beyond, just waiting to be explored…

I’m very please to say that I can now offer GUE Tech 2 courses. The Tech 2 course is a lot of fun. It’s far more of an interactive class than a Tech 1 where you are shown how and why to do things. In the Tech 2 course, experience is recognised and the teaching process is far more of a discussion-based approach to the theoretical side of things. In water, we work on practical skills like multiple stage and decompression cylinder handling, precise ascent work, and the advanced gas and decompression management strategies.

The course, if you are successful, qualifies you to use trimix to a depth of 75m, two decompression gasses, and to accumulate no more than 1 hour of decompression. Which is enough for most people!

If you want to know more about the course, then feel free to get in contact, or look at the more detailed course description on this website, or at