Lets go diving! Expeditions go live!

Wrecks, walls, wildlife or wet rocks

This is probably the most exciting thing we’ve launched here at Wreck and Cave. You already know that you can get GUE training and lots of high quality diving equipment here. The only thing left was to go diving. Well, now we can help with that too.

We’re opening up a series of expeditions and trips for all you GUE trained divers out there. These will be to some of the most exciting locations we can think of, from the Arctic circle to the Caribbean. Whether you like wrecks, walls, wildlife or wet rocks (caves guys, caves), there is something here for you. We will look after all of the transport, logistics and dive side of things. In other words, all the hard bits. All you have to do is wake up and go diving.

Check out the Expeditions section for an overview of what we’re aiming at, and then look at the upcoming expeditions. Narvik is posted, but look out for more over the next few days. We have a packed calendar for 2008.