GUE Rec 1 Details

Do you look into the water and wonder what is under the surface? Are you fascinated with marine life, or the history of the thousands of shipwrecks lying around the coast of the UK? Want to get involved in projects, survey, photography to try and conserve and protect our underwater world?

If this appeals to you, then an entry level diving course from Global Underwater Explorers is perfect for you. GUE has a long standing commitment to exploration and conservation, and its diver education programme is the best in the world. It is taught by active divers and explorers, who do so much more than just teach every weekend.

A GUE Recreational level 1 course will give you all the skills you need to dive to a depth of 20m below the surface, work as a team with your friends, and give you a fantastic theoretical knowledge of the environment which you will grow to love,

Taking a Rec 1 course with Wreck and Cave is a special experience. Rich works very hard to make sure that you will finish the class a competent and comfortable diver, and will try to get you experience in a number of different diving settings. Dives from the shore, from a boat and some inland sites should all be expected. He will also get you involved with a community of like-minded divers so that you will drop into a ready made group of people with whom you can continue to enjoy your diving and discover what lies beneath the surface!