GUE Fundamentals details

On this page, we’re going to look at the GUE Fundamentals details.  We’ll look at all of the things you’re going to learn, and what you need to do to prepare.  

The purpose of the GUE Fundamentals course is primarily to increase and refine the skill set of a diver, whatever their level of training or experience. It also serves to introduce divers to the thinking behind GUE diving, and to perhaps overturn a few misconceptions!

gue fundamentals details

Constant positive and helpful feedback in the water

Skills covered

We work hard to improve the basic skill set of the diver. For example, all skills are performed neutrally buoyant, and a great deal of emphasis is placed on this aspect of diving, which is so often neglected in other classes. Propulsion techniques for delicate environments, precise position control and of course the backward kick are all taught in detail. Gas sharing, valve drills and SMB deployment are taught and practiced. We also challenge the diver to start thinking more critically about the way in which dive planning, teamwork and problem resolution are approached.

Course duration

The GUE Fundamentals course usually runs over a four-day period. Day one is spent covering most of the theoretical aspects. We also look at the equipment configuration and dry-run some of the skills to be practiced. Days two, three and four are spent diving, practicing the skills and debriefing using the video. We usually wrap up the course on day four with a summary of what’s been learnt, and an individual debrief for each student highlighting strengths and areas that need practice.

This is a tough course whatever level of diver you are, but it is a lot of fun.

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