GUE Tech 1 Taster Day

Taking the GUE Tech 1 course can be really daunting. The courses reputation as a seriously hard-core course might lead you to think that it’s almost impossible to get through, and maybe you don’t need to be that good. You could just get a 4-day course from your local dive shop for a couple of hundred, and you’d be all set right?

I understand. I really do. It’s very difficult for us GUE instructors to explain the value of our courses without you actually taking them. And that is a chicken and egg situation.

We both need to break that stalemate.

I’ve come up with a one-day taster event, and it’s brilliant, even if I say it myself.

Here’s how it works. We’re going to do two dives. One will focus on the failures and scenarios that we cover on Tech 1. So the manifold failures, gas sharing and gas switches. Just a simple taster, not the full deal. But you’ll get the idea. The second dive we’ll practice ascents doing the more routine aspects of a technical dive such as gas switches, marker buoy deployments and a little bit of simulated decompression.

In between the dives, I’ll explain three areas of the theory – gas management, decompression and gas properties. Not a heavy session, but a taster of the things you’re going to learn on the GUE Tech 1 course. We’ll talk about good locations to use for the GUE Tech 1, and also what extra equipment you might need as well.

All for this, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

We can run this event at any site in the UK, and overseas on request. What better way to find out about the course, and meet your instructor. That way there’s no surprises come your big day!

If you’ve got any comments about this event, then please do write something below!

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