Stage Rigging Kits

StagekitStage kits always seem like a lot of money for a couple of boltsnaps and some string. Break it all down, though, and when you add in the aggravation of finding decent quality stainless jubilee clips, and it does start to seem an easier option to just buy the kit. However, in order to try and add a little more value, Wreck and Cave have got together with our friends at and if you order any stage kit, we will throw in your name label for free (up to 3 letters). Don’t forget that the kits already come with your choice of 21 or OXYGEN 6 labels, so your name label completes the marking system. With a choice of of 7L, 40 cu ft, or 80 cu ft cylinder sizes, thats got to be a good deal less hassle than making your own.

To show you how good these divesigns labels are, I’ve taken a few pictures of the ones that I use. I’ve done this in normal light, in normal light with a flash, and in the dark with dive lights illuminating the label so you can see how well they show up. I used a halogen scout, an LED scout and an 18W HID light for the last three pictures.
Normal lightingWith a camera flashDark, using a halogen ScoutIn the dark, using an LED scoutIn the dark, using a 18W HID