Scapa History 2013

22nd – 27th September, 2013

I recently organised a small trip to Scapa Flow in Scotland, and asked Kieran Hatton to deliver his renowned Scapa History week to the guests. It was a truly awesome week. I’ve been to Scapa before and dived the German High Seas fleet, but the addition of Kierans briefings and historical overviews made the diving so much more enjoyable and informative.

I immediately booked a week for 2013, and this is now open for any GUE diver. You can do this trip as a Fundamentals diver, but if you are Rec3 or T1, then you can get a lot more out of the week by doing a little decompression and using a bit of helium for the deeper battleships.

We’ll be diving with Bob Anderson on his excellent liveaboard boat Halton. This will moor in Stromness Harbour every evening. Included in the price will be breakfast and lunch. We will provide two gas packages, one for nitrox only diving, and one for a package including three trimix dives (21/35 and 50% for decompression). You can of course use more gas if you like, but this will then be priced extra.