Dive Saver Tool

Dive Saver Tool

So what’s this Dive saver Tool all about then? Most of us carry spanners and Allen keys with us in the dive bag. Some will carry valve tools, grease, o-rings and a host of other useful items. I frequently get into the water and find that my I, or a team-mate has a small leak on a regulator hose. It would be very useful if I could just nip up the hose, tighten a port plug, or stop a cylinder valve from leaking.


“Oh, how cool is that tool!”


How many of us carry these tools in the water? Not many, I’d bet. One reason might be that the tools simply rust away. Another might be that carrying all these tools is a real pain, and you don’t really need a full tool kit once you’re in the water.



Of course, an entire tool kit is not practical. Something small and compact that fitted in a pocket would be awesome. If it didn’t rust then that would be a massive bonus too.


Introducing… The Stainless Steel Dive Saver tool!


Mine has been in my wetnotes now for over 12 months. It’s been in salt water, fresh, and brackish. It’s been hot, cold and everything in the middle. The only thing it didn’t do was dry out. It has no blemishes or rust marks on it whatsoever. This thing is going to give me years of service.


“Nice piece of craftsmanship”


Since I first got one of these Dive Saver Tools, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used it.

I’ve replaced an entire second stage on a 35m deep wreck, I’ve tightened up a 1st stage DIN fitting that was leaking just before we jumped in to the water, swapped a leaking hose out, and more. It lives in my Wetnotes, and I really wouldn’t be without it now.




It has 4 metric spanners, 4 Allen keys, a valve tool, a square drive to open/close a cylinder valve if you do loose the handwheel, and a cunning little hole to allow you to use a boltnsnap for a bit of extra leverage!


“It’s already sitting in my wetnotes, waiting for an opportunity to save the day.


My biggest worry on a dive is not actually being able to complete the dive for whatever reason. There are lots of reasons why this might happen. And one of them is that I have a minor equipment problem. Dive Saver Tool allows you to fix small equipment problems on-the-fly and carry on with doing what you love doing – relaxing underwater!